Photo: Nick Davis

Hi there.  As you can tell from that blue box up there, my name is Cam.   I live in the beautiful city of Richmond, VA, just about a block from the mighty James River.  I’m a composer, audio engineer, and occasionally a DJ.  Most of the time, you’ll find me writing music for commercials, video games, art installations, etc.  If you’re just checking to make sure you’re in the right place, then feel free to head over to the Reel or Contact pages.

If you’re still reading, I’ll assume you’d like to know a few more details —  I’ll try not to sound awkward as I talk about myself.  I got started in the music industry around 1999, while at the same time playing guitar for the band Denali from 2000-2004.  I did online marketing for a number of bands, including Bjork, The Strokes, PJ Harvey, and even Tenacious D, with whom I earned a Gold Record!  I started composing with Black Iris Music in late 2007 after moving to Richmond from New York.  I became one of their principal in-house composers and wrote on nearly everything that came through the door:  hip-hop to metal, anthemic indie to hand-crafted folk, found-sound electronic dance music to long-form soundtracks.   My very first wins were a pair of Cadillac commercials, and since then I’ve won numerous awards and many, many spots, some of which are featured over on the Reel page of this site.

Since becoming an independent contractor in the summer of 2013, I now work for over two dozen music houses across the United States and Europe.  Growing up touring and making records in various indie bands, my focus has always been on creating real, human music that lives on its own while supporting picture in the best possible light.

If you’d like a custom reel or a selection of library tracks, please get in touch via cam.dinunzio(at)gmail.com.  Let’s talk about your project and see what we can make together!

c: (718) 614-4046 e: cam.dinunzio(at)gmail.com